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Linqz Group
brand identity

Linqz Group is a commercial building solutions company who offer complete building services.

Their brand identity needed to convey strength, trust and professional workmanship.

The logo includes a stylised 'LG' fitting together to form a solid and asthetically pleasing shape reflecting LINQZ GROUP's quality and professional building services.

The symbol element was designed to be used independently for social media icons and also to strengthen the logo identity as a whole.

brand identity

This logo identity concept features a symbol which is an abstract representation of AssureCore's core values and traits such as security, trust and technology. The mark
suggests a camera lens or human eye, and the
three separate shapes fit together in a secure way like
a combination lock in abstract form and can also be seen as the letter C. The bold condensed typeface chosen, also reflects strength, confidence and trust.

Mitchell & Co Butchery brand identity

Mitchell and Co's identity comprises two stylised butcher knives facing each other to form a crown like shape symbolising the superior, high quality meat and service provided by Mitchell & Co. The leaf shapes on top reflect the fresh, nutritious and organic products offered. We chosen was the Goudy Old Style font, which conveys a classic yet modern feel and complements the logo mark nicely.

Kentera Events
brand identity

The brand identity for Kentera Events, highlights the service provided by reinforcing the 'e' in kentera resembling a ribbon which helps identify with events.

brand identity

The Brain Stimulation and Neuroimaging Research team logo utilises a mark incorporated with the logotype which consists of a stylised representation of two coils with the brain centred between them. It conveys a number of ideals that are central to this research stream.

– It is a stylised representation of a TMS coil

– The linking aspect of the logo graphic represents the connection made with patients. Such a partnership is one of equality, as is depicted by this equally balanced image

– Finally, the broken aspect of this image represents the aim
of the research – to break the cycle of treatment resistance.